Where does US Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris stand on green cards?

Joe Biden has promised to ease immigration policy and sanction more visas for permanent and work-based residents.
Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris
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As the American election has taken the centre stage amid the coronavirus pandemic the faceoff between the two major parties, Democrats and Republic, has intensified. The Indian population in the US are a key demography and both parties are trying to woo them with their immigration policies. The Trump-led-government succeeded in 2016 by promising to deport immigrants and provide opportunities for Americans and he continues to hold the same stand. In this background, the poll promises made by the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has come as a breather for the Indians.

The Democratic presidential candidate has promised to modernize America’s immigration policy, welcome immigrants and to reassert commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees.

Firstly, the promise by Joe Biden on H1B visa holds a stark difference to the Republic candidate Donald Trump who has already signed an order against hiring H1B visa holders. Joe Biden, the presidential face of the Democrats, has assured that he will resolve the H1B visa concerns to help the hard working Indian Americans if he is elected to power. He also said that the country has not talked enough about the Indian American community that has helped the economic growth of the US. 

The presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke about the H1B visa concerns during a virtual fundraiser organised by the Indian Americans. Biden also lauded the Indian Americans by saying that the entrepreneurs across the country, founders of some of the leading companies in the US and the people who laid the foundation of the silicon valley are from the community.   

Secondly, the curbs on the sanctions of Green card have also come as a pinch for the Indian Americans. During the lockdown, the Trump administration restricted the entry of foreigners and people seeking green cards citing the coronavirus lockdown.

Trump announced that he would suspend the immigration to protect the jobs of Americans and temporarily halted issuing green cards. He, however, stopped from suspending guest worker programs as he received a backlash from business groups.

In the process of issuing green cards, the Democratic Party differs from this view. If elected to power, Joe Biden said that he will restore the naturalization process of green card holders. The Green card allows a non-resident of the US to permanently reside and work in the US. He has also promised to increase the visas for permanent and work based residents.

Finally, Joe Biden's project as the then vice president involved authorizing "Dreamers" to work and stay in the country. The Dreamers are people who enter the country as a child and continue to lead a life by abiding the law of the land. The then vice president worked along with the former president of the US Obama towards the ambition's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival or DACA status. The DACA status allows people falling under the category to get a two-year renewable permit. The Trump administration moved to court to revoke the DACA system. However, a government under Biden plans to reinstate DACA.

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