When Tollywood actor Allu Arjun fulfilled the dying wish of his 64-year-old fan

The actor was in for a surprise himself.
When Tollywood actor Allu Arjun fulfilled the dying wish of his 64-year-old fan
When Tollywood actor Allu Arjun fulfilled the dying wish of his 64-year-old fan
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It was a dream come true for Mastaan Bi, a cancer patient with a limited time to live, as she met Tollywood star Allu Arjun on Tuesday.

"He is my favourite actor," she told The News Minute.

The 64-year-old had always wished to meet the actor and to fulfill her dying wish, family members of Mastaan Bi approached the Telugu news channel TV9 to reach Allu Arjun.

When the actor heard about Mastaan's story, he agreed and paid a visit to her residence in Vijayawada. "I am very happy with this sweet gesture of Allu Arjun," a gleeful Mastaan adds.

The actor was in for a surprise himself, when he entered their house and saw his pictures all over the house. 

"I collected all his pictures from a long time but did not put them up on the wall as we stay in a rented house. But since he was coming today, I put up all of them," says Mastaan.

Though Mastaan confesses that she has a tough time remembering all his movie names now, she claims that she has watched every single one when it came on the TV.

"My grandson will tell you all the names," she says.

The mother of four sons and two daughters, Mastaan bi worked as a caretaker in a temple for a long time until she quit her job later due to ill-health.

Her cancer was detected eight years back but despite an operation, she was diagnosed with liver cancer at the third stage, which dimmed her chances of survival.

Her family members realized that she did not have much time left, and that's when they approached TV9.

"I used to be a great fan of Allu Ramalingaiah (Allu Arjun's grandfather), but I could never meet him. However, I am a big fan of Arjun now and this meeting is a dream come true. I can now die in peace," Mastaan, who was in tears after the meeting, adds.

Family members said that Mastaan is feeling much better now and conveyed their gratitude to the actor.

The actor told TV9 that he had visited Vijayawada a number of times but this trip was a new experience for him. He also said that he was very grateful to have such fans.

"Her wish was true and strong, which is why the meeting took place," he said. He added that he was really happy that he could fulfill her wish and requested the media to highlight these kind of positive aspects in future as well.

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