Rama's Ashwamedh horse was stopped by his two sons, Modi's Ashwamedh horse will be also stopped by the farmers and workers in Bihar

When Marxist Yechury turned to Ramayana to target Modi
news Monday, September 07, 2015 - 16:54
CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury on Monday quoted from the Ramayana to ask voters in Bihar to reject Prime Minister Narendra Modi in assembly elections -- and the JD-U and RJD too.
Addressing thousands of Left activists and leaders, Yechuri expressed confidence that the people of Bihar would stop Modi's "Ashwamedh horse".
"Like the last phase of Ramayana, when Rama's Ashwamedh horse was stopped by his two sons, Modi's Ashwamedh horse will be stopped by the farmers and workers in Bihar," he said.
At the same time, it was important to defeat the ruling Janata Dal-United as well as its allies the Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Congress too.
"There is a triangle before the people of Bihar. The first is represented by the communal BJP-led NDA which stand for 'Dusashan' politics.
"The grand alliance of JD-U, RJD and Congress forms the 'Sinhasan' politics and is the second part.
"The third is the Left parties which have come up with an alternative to defeat the Dusashan and Sinhasan politics," Yachuri said.
Attending the meeting were members of the Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India-Marxist, Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist, Forward Block, Socialist Unity Centre of India and Revolutionary Socialist Party.
"Last week the entire Modi government bowed before the RSS at a meeting, and reports suggest the RSS has instructed Modi's government to implement its agenda," Yechuri said.
He said the BJP was trying hard to polarize Hindu votes in its favour. In the coming days, he said the BJP would foment communal tension in Bihar.
He said the alliance of the JD-U, the RJD and the Congress was an opportunistic alliance. "They have been using caste for politics and vote."