news Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute | September 15, 2014 | 6.40 pm IST (Satire) We were there, god promise. And this is how the conversation went.  Amma – Welcome to India, welcome to Tamil Nadu. Terminator – Gee thanks Jaya. Great place you have here. Great beach, amazing food and love your posters in the city. Made notes for my campaign. Amma – Would you like some Amma idlis? Terminator – Yeah sure, with gunpowder. Isn’t that what you guys call it down here? Amma – Would you like some Amma tea? Terminator – Tea? Sure, coffee keeps me awake – jet lag and all that. What’s that you’re wearing? A sarong? Amma – It is called a sari. Would you like one? Terminator – Nah, what would I do with it. Plus there’s a limit on baggage allowance. Amma – Why did you cheat on your wife?  Terminator – How do you know? Amma – There is nothing I don’t know. Answer my question. Terminator – Well, you know how it is actors, politicians… Amma – No. I do not know what you are talking about. I also know that you are a coward. Terminator – Now, now, you are going too far - where did you get that from? Amma – I am well informed. When the American GIs wanted you to visit them during the Gulf war you were scared to go. On screen you are a hero, but in real life you are a zero. A cipher as we say down south here.  Terminator – Aiyoo Amma – That’s the first smart thing you have said. Our meeting is over. You may now leave. I have asked my office to pack some gunpowder for you.
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