WhatsApp rolls out 'Dismiss as Admin' feature to Android users

WhatsApp is also testing a feature where one can respond privately to a message received in a group chat.
WhatsApp rolls out 'Dismiss as Admin' feature to Android users
WhatsApp rolls out 'Dismiss as Admin' feature to Android users
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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is constantly bringing changes to its instant messaging app every few months, to keep users interested. The new feature that is being currently talked about is the ‘Dismiss as Admin’ which aims at facilitating one group administrator to remove another group administrator, while retaining the person in the group. This follows the other ‘Instagram Stories’ feature introduced some time back.

The change now being brought about is significant because till now, if there is a group admin and his or her status as the group admin had to be changed/done away with, the person’s number had to be removed from the group once and then re-introduced as an ordinary member of the group. This now stands altered to allow for this change without the person having to be removed from the group. This might sound a minor issue to many, but there have been many genuine cases where people had desired this change and Facebook has listened to them.

Also, in the current settings, only the group administrator or Admin had the rights to add numbers to or delete them from the chat groups.

This information has been disclosed in a Twitter message which goes on to say the new feature is right now under beta testing for Android and for iOS users as well.

There is yet another change on WhatsApp that is on the cards and is also under testing. In this, one can send a private response to a message received within a chat group. This is not feasible in WhatsApp as available to users now. If you wish to reply to one particular person you had to get out of the group and reply on the individual’s window.

Meanwhile, Facebook has denied that the chat groups can prove to be vulnerable if there is any hacking attack and the hacker can access the other group members’ devices also once the groups is penetrated. Facebook claims there is no way any new member can be added to a chat group secretly. The notification of a new number getting added is always sent.

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