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The News Minute | June 8, 2014 | 03:47 pm IST  As Mumbai got its first metro service today, the excitement Mumbaikars shared was palpable across social media. Some seem to be genuinely happy, some bitter over the fare, and others sceptical about the service being run by Indian conglomerate Reliance. The service that promises to change the way the city commutes will link Mumbai between Versova and Ghatkopar. Here’s a quick look at some pictures and opinions about the maiden metro service in India’s city of dreams. Hordes of people at #Versova #MumbaiMetro pic.twitter.com/4uJumHtkax — Indraneal (@omnilogist) June 8, 2014 For Mumbai, that awkward moment when the train's entering a station, but you are not able to jump out or jump in. #MumbaiMetro — Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) June 8, 2014 #MumbaiMetro: Rs 40 for 12 kms? In Delhi, you can zip across 3 states (Noida-Delhi-Gurgaon) & have spare change for a plate of gol gappas! — T V Mahalingam (@tvmahalingam) June 8, 2014 Instead of recovering costs in Delhi airport metro Govt 'compensated' #Reliance for breaching contract. Will history repeat in #MumbaiMetro? — Joe Athialy (@joeathialy) June 8, 2014 Super fun to watch anthr #mumbaimetro train zipping by @smart_mumbaikar @_MumbaiMirror pic.twitter.com/Wd42XTSN9P — Virat A Singh (@singhvirat246) June 7, 2014 Happy to report that there is full 3G network on board the #MumbaiMetro. So-far-super-cool! — Sneha Menon (@snehhamenon) June 7, 2014 #MumbaiMetro it would have been great if the metro project was done by #Tata rather than reliance ppl don't need shell out more bucks — Bipin Bhosale (@bipin1756) June 8, 2014 Post by Hashim Muhammed Mumbai.