"Who are these people to decide what most Kannadigas want or don’t want?” the actor said.

Whats Kaala got to do with Cauvery Prakash Raj opposes films ban in Ktaka
news Controversy Monday, June 04, 2018 - 09:02

Actor Prakash Raj has voiced his opinion on the ban called by pro-Kannada organisations on the  film ‘Kaala’ in Karnataka, saying that these fringe groups have no right to decide what the majority of Kannadigas want or don’t want. 

The actor took to Twitter and said the Cauvery issue is an emotive one for the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu but getting emotional does not solve the issue, rather we need to be practical about it. 

He wrote, “There is a deep bond between man and a river. So when we talk of Cauvery we do extremely emotional about it. This is true of people from both states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where emotions run high when we try to find a solution to share water. But getting emotional does not solve an issue; we need to be practical about it too." 

"The two respective state governments, the Centre along with specialists who understand the issue of our farmers, water sharing and nature, should sit together and find a solution. Due to political reasons and unseen pressures if they fail to do so, our fight should be towards making them accountable and answerable and not become victims of our own emotions.”

Prakash Raj asks what we would achieve by stopping the release of the movie Kaala. “A statement made by actor Rajinikanth has hurt us deeply. Yes, I agree. In order to express our dissent, a few organisations have called for a ban on the film. Is that what we Kannadigas want? We don’t know and we will never know. If the film is released and people decide not to see it as a mark of their protest only then will be able to gauge what people really want. But these fringe elements deciding on behalf of the people will not let us know it. Who are these people to decide what most Kannadigas want or don’t want?” 

The actor goes on to query about what will happen to the producer’s investment in the film as well as the effort of hundreds of artistes and technicians who have worked in the film. 

“What about the producer’s investment, one who has nothing to do with the statement of this actor? What about the talent and effort of hundreds of technicians, co-artistes and workers who have been employed and associated with the film? What will be the plight of those who make a living out of sticking film posters, running cycle stands, those who run canteens in theatres? What about the distributors, investors and theatre owners and the thousands of those whose lives depend on them? And what about the lakhs and lakhs of cinema lovers because of whom, all these people earn a living? What about the price that a common man has to pay for this strife and chaos? It has led to burn vehicles, damaged property, children unable to attend school, the list never ends. What about the harmony between people which will be disturbed and destroyed by such incidents inciting hatred among one another in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu?" 

He says that after misusing our emotions, these fringe elements will wait for another opportunity to strike again and create further chaos and in the end, it is we who will be hit and the ones to have to live with our own wounds. 

The actor concludes by saying, “My #justasking will open avenues for debates, and I will not be surprised if a few end up calling me anti-Kannadiga. We have seen in the recent past that people have called me anti-Hindu and an anti-national as well, because I expressed my opinion. However, that does not stop me from saying what I have to say and rest I leave to your conscience.”  

The Confederation of pro-Kannada organisations has called for a ban on the film ‘Kaala’ due to the statements by actor Rajinikanth on the Cauvery issue.



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