‘What is matter?’: Rape accused 'godman' Nityananda asks, social media answers

After sexual assault scandals rocked the godman, he has been on an image makeover drive.
‘What is matter?’: Rape accused 'godman' Nityananda asks, social media answers
‘What is matter?’: Rape accused 'godman' Nityananda asks, social media answers
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Controversy is like a constant companion for rape accused godman Nithyananda. It will seek him out no matter what.

And the godman strikes again, in a slew of videos that are doing the rounds on social media. Going on something of an image makeover what with the rape accusation against him, the godman speaks of enlightenment of the very easily understandable kind- you know, making animals talk and disproving Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Viral videos from the ashram of the self-styled godman show him sitting on a throne of silver and professing wisdom to his followers. And during these rambling sessions, he is also seen occasionally drinking out of a coffee mug with his own face printed on it- talk about personal branding.

In one video, Nityananda vows to initiate "monkeys and other few animals" into a super conscious breakthrough, thereby making them... talk.

Even as one wonders if he was super conscious when he came up with the idea, he elaborates, “They will grow these organs and I will establish it, prove it through a scientific medical test and researchers.”

While he says that he has already 'casually tested' the animal vocal chord software and that it was working perfectly, for eager animal conversationalists, however, the wait would not be a long one. For he says that he would establish it in a year’s time.

Although, with a non-bailable warrant against him for rape charges, his counsel may need to request laboratory facilities in his prison cell, if Nityananda hopes to keep his promise to his followers. In the meanwhile, his followers can also learn Sanskrit and Tamil since these are the only two languages that the animals will be speaking in according to him.

Almost teasing the audiences to doubt their own sanity, Nityananda goes onto say, “I will develop a phonetic, linguistic, capable vocal chords for monkeys, lions, and tigers.”

With cued drum beats ringing in the background, the clapping audiences at the ashram are largely small children dressed up as older children dressed up as saints.

In yet another video, Nityananda boldly challenges the scientific community the world over, rubbishing the mass-energy equivalence.

In a line that has particularly been picked up by Tamil social media, Nityananda asks, "What is matter?"

Deducing his own equation, he comes to the conclusion that e is not equal to mc squared but, rather, e is equal to mcccccccccccccccccc.

In making his calculations, the godman also says that the equation is interpreted differently by the crooked brain of a non-vegetarian person and a 'stable' vegetarian brain.

One Facebook user commented, "Perfect example of "Tu heading bata, baki mein likh lunga"(sic).

Another wrote, "That awkward moment you have to present a lecture on Mass-Energy equivalence but you have no clue about 3rd grade science."

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