Babu Gogineni too reacted to the video on Facebook, commending the work done by the writers and actors.

What if Arjun Reddy turns into rationalist Babu Gogineni Watch this hilarious spoof Image: Chai Bisket
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Telugu rationalist Babu Gogineni has become quite the toast of the town, appearing on numerous Telugu TV news channels and debates, arguing for a humanist and rationalist approach to several issues from astrology to cockfights.

The recent lunar eclipse saw him jumping from one studio to another, and even organising a large sit-out with the employees of one TV channel, so that they could eat while watching the eclipse, and thus help break superstitions. 

Considering his growing popularity, media outlet Chai Bisket has come up with a hilarious spoof on the humanist.

The 8-minute segment uploaded on YouTube, has an actor imitating Babu Gogineni's body language and speech pattern, but is narrating the plot of the film Arjun Reddy.

Starring Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey as the lead pair, Arjun Reddy was one of the biggest hits of Tollywood last year.

In the film, Arjun is abusive, rash and violent, while Babu Gogineni is known for how calm he is, and how scathing his attacks against superstition and pseudo-science are.

The video starts with an anchor welcoming the viewers to 'no news time', before introducing his guest, a doctor, who once was known for his profane language but had changed into a Mother Teresa like figure.

'Arjun Gogineni' then takes his first jibe, saying that he had a problem with the Mother Teresa comparison as she was for religion, but he was humanism. 

The video then goes on, with the interviewer and the guest speaking about the plot of the film Arjun Reddy, but with the mannerisms of Babu Gogineni.

The actor playing Babu Gogineni does a brilliant job with the voice as well. A special mention is also warranted for the ticker scrolling below as the video goes on.

“Meet the epic combination of Arjun Reddy and Babu Gogineni in our latest video. Watch Arjun Gogineni explain his beautiful love story – from the football fight to the climax park scene in his own 'unique style',” Chai Bisket wrote on its YouTube page.

Watch the hilarious video below.

“Babu Gogineni himself has reacted to the video, writing on Facebook, “What a spoof, working at different levels! I thoroughly enjoyed how you got in Humanism, MN Roy and also my bonsai into the script! And so kindly the BP Machine too,” he wrote.

He also thanked Ram Attili, Rajesh Khanna and Vikram Edicks of Chai Bisket.


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