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The News Minute | December 9, 2014 | 09:43 am IST  Several recently reported incidents of racial attack in Bengaluru only seems to be raising questions on how safe the city is to live in.  And this time around the victim is Rachel Sangliana,  former city police commissioner H T Sangliana's daughter.  On Sunday, Rachel says she was racially attacked in a supermarket in Adugodi. It all started when she objected to two people, a man and his wife, breaking the queue leading to the check out, states a report by Bangalore Mirror.  The woman did not take Rachel's objection lightly and began abusing her in Urdu. Calling her an 'outsider' and that they 'deserved to be taught a lesson', the woman told Rachel "that I should 'go back to China' and that I didn't belong in India", Rachel told Bangalore Mirror.  When Rachel tried explaining to them that she was born and brought up in Bengaluru, a heated argument ensued following which the woman is said to have pushed her. This resulted in a physical altercation between the two. Later, another woman, who seemed to be an acquaintance of the first woman, joined and both together allegedly attacked Rachel. Very few people in the supermarket came forward to Rachel's help. ( Rachel Sangliana; Image source: Rachel Sangliana Facebook Page ) Rachel then called the police via 100 and the alleged assaulters fled the scene. The police are investigating into the incident, reports Bangalore Mirror.   In a December 7 post on her Facebook page, Rachel Sangliana wrote,  'I, Born & brought up in Bangalore. Racial slurs thrown at me..sure! - I've heard plenty!! Physically attacked by 1 woman & then later by the same woman along with another for defending myself due to racial slur - That's a 1st timer!! BTW... It was the WOMEN who came to my rescue while the men watched & video taped!!! 1 man came to my rescue, a father & teen daughter & 3 Nagaland girls came to my rescue while the 50 odd people watched. The lady staffs also helped me.  A HUGE Thank you to the 3 Naga girls for staying by my side till Nigel came to escort me home, and to the man, father & daughter..for offering to be witnesses. What has Bangalore come to?? I cannot believe what happened to me today!! Stay safe!! You will always have IGNORANT WILD people around you!! Am off to bed.'