What a good betting provider has to offer

The result determines the rank in the comparison.
What a good betting provider has to offer
What a good betting provider has to offer
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At this point, we provide an insight into how our experienced testers of betting provider experiences take a closer look at the bookmakers according to tried and tested criteria. The result determines the rank in the comparison. We use the same ratings for all bookmakers on https://wetten.com/us/

Betting offer: the betting offer must not only convince in terms of quality, but also quantitatively in terms of breadth and depth. The more sports and sporting events are available, the broader the betting offer. Excellent betting providers like betway offer 40 different sports here. Depth indicates how many individual bets are made available on each event in the form of special and special bets. For example, for top matches from the well-known European football leagues, such as the Champions League or Serie A, there are several hundred betting opportunities.

Live betting centre: large betting providers now generate most of their turnover with real-time bets. The difference to the PreMatch area is that bets are placed as soon as the match has been attacked or is already in progress. According to its own information, betway was already able to generate more than 80 % of its turnover with live bets in 2016. This is why it is so important that there is an extensive selection, but also that there are statistics and news on the matches. In our comparison, bookmakers who, like betway, broadcast up to 50,000 events a year with a video stream do particularly well.

Betting odds: the payout key is another important quality criterion, because it indicates how high the payout of the betting winnings will be. The user's stake is multiplied by the odds of the respective bet. Included in these betting odds is the margin of profit that remains for the betting provider. A betting provider known for excellent odds is bet3000. The German betting provider offers payout keys of up to 98% for top events. Since the odds vary enormously from bookmaker to bookmaker, they are also a very important quality feature.

Customer service: Whenever a problem or a question arises, the user wants to reach an employee as quickly as possible. The answer should preferably be given in German, competently and immediately. That is why the availability times of the employees are so extremely important, but also the way in which the contact can be made. Ideally, a round-the-clock service is offered and there is not only a free live chat for particularly quick answers, but also a free telephone hotline.

Payment methods: before a player can place a bet at all, he must fill his betting account accordingly. For this purpose, the companies provide numerous transfer methods. However, there are some that are not so common, which is why the number of betting providers with Paysafecard in our comparison is also relatively low. Also important is the question of whether there are fees for deposits and how quickly they are made. Of course, the payment transfers should be secure and reputable. The same also applies to payouts, which should arrive as quickly as possible at the customer's end.

Betting tax: the betting tax was introduced for German customers in 2012 and the bookmakers alone are responsible for paying it to the German treasury. However, it is up to them whether they pass on the 5% betting tax to their users. A few, such as Tipico, waive it, others only charge the tax on winning tickets.

Usability: if the website is easy to use, even beginners do not need instructions to place a bet on the internet. For this reason, the websites of the well-known bookmakers are also very modern, well structured and intuitive to use. Placing a bet should be easy and self-explanatory with just a few clicks. Ideally, there are also no loading delays on the website, even though the betting offer is constantly updated.

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