What does PM Modi get when he compares Kerala to Somalia A PoMoneModi trend
news Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 12:04

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Kerala recently in a bid to campaign for the BJP. Usually known for his high power public speaking skills, Modi’s speech ran into trouble when he compared infant mortality rate in Kerala to Somalia.

First he drew fire from Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy who asked him to have some “political decency” and to withdraw his remarks. Now, the prime minister s drawing ire from angry Twitter user pointing out the flaws in his comparison with the hashtag ‘Po Mone Modi’.

The phrase “Po Mone” is Mollywood actor Mohanlal’s iconic dialogue from his film ‘Narasimham’. In the film, Mohanlal’s refrain is “Po Mone Dinesha!” which roughly translates to “go man!” or “get lost!”

One Twitter user explains what the hashtag means – 

Some people are comparing the statistics of Modi’s home state (Gujarat) with Kerala and saying that he should get his facts right. 

Yet others have used the logic of numbers to ridicule his faux pas, warning that it may cost him votes in the upcoming election. 

There are many others who are not taking the comparison lightly at all and are in fact using the controversy over Modi’s education qualifications to make their point. 

Twitter users took a dig at the photoshop controversy that had surrounded Modi’s visit to Chennai to survey the damage caused by the floods. 

And then of course, there were memes galore!