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The News Minute| March 25, 2015| 6.00 pm IST For the first time possibly, the biggest and most burning debate - literally - is not on The News Hour, its on twitter where the Nation Wants to Know whether the man who coined the phrase will enter their universe or not.  While no one knows if The Nation has joined (or is planning on) Twitter for sure, there is a handle apparently masquerading as the editor-in-chief of Times Now, which already has over 40,000 followers.  But while Goswami's absence from Twitter is conspicuous, the channel set the ball rolling for the hashtag #TwitterWithArnab with a tweet on Wednesday afternoon saying, "Catch Arnab Goswami in 140 chars as we countdown to #TwitterMeetsArnab with @Twitter's @DickC & Arnab. #ComingSoon#" Photo courtesy- Times Now's Twitter page. Adding fuel to the fire, the channel followed it up with, "What's the story behind 'Nation wants to know'?" So what is happening?  Two things we can confirm. One is that the handle that everyone is happily following now isn't Arnab Goswami's. #TwittermeetsArnab is a show to be aired on the channel, a talk show in which Twitter CEO Dick Costolo meets Arnab Goswami. But is Goswami joining Twitter? Some hearts are about to break for sure, but he isn't joining Twitter, at least for now.  And knowing the editor's long-standing decision to keep away from social media, highly unlikely that he will jump into the bandwagon. Just spoke to Arnab. He did meet the twitter boss, but has no intentions of personally being on twitter. @ARNABGOSWAMl is a fake account. — Akash Banerjee (@akashbanerjee) March 25, 2015 But then why stop having fun? @ARNABGOSWAMl now demanding answers in 140 characters or less! #TwitterMeetsArnab pic.twitter.com/IUTyiGKU10 — Digitally Inspired (@digital_inspire) March 25, 2015 Twitter to increase the character limit to 140 paragraphs because #TwitterMeetsArnab — Jay Padhya (@YourFriendPinto) March 25, 2015 Thank God there is no audio tweet option in Twitter.#TwitterMeetsArnab — Funny Deol (@Funny_Deol) March 25, 2015 I think the only reason Arnab Goswami doesn't join twitter is because he cant possibly interrupt someone when they're tweeting. — Vande Mataram (@UnSubtleDesi) March 25, 2015 JK Rowling has revealed that she got the idea of Howlers (letters that shriek) after watching Arnab Goswami on Newshour — The Bad Doctor (@doctoratlarge) March 25, 2015 Even Arnab Goswami's twitter handle is all upper case @ARNABGOSWAMl . Which means he'll be shouting on Twitter as well. — Avinash Gavai (@Rantaramic) March 25, 2015 Arnab will join Twitter, and block it. — Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan) March 25, 2015 A day after #Sec66A is removed, @ARNABGOSWAMl is joining twitter.#TwitterMeetsArnab #NationWantsToKnowWhyTheHell — Tinu Cherian Abraham (@tinucherian) March 25, 2015 Arnab - now #66A will not stop you and I will not let you talk. Thats the oxymoron.#TwitterMeetsArnab — WoMania Neverborn ✂ (@awk_doc) March 25, 2015 Will be #TwitterMeetsArnab or #ArnabBeatsTwitter? Read my book to find out. — Amreekan Desi (@amreekandesi) March 25, 2015 Tweet
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