From 50 cumecs of water, KSEB will release 300 cumecs excess water from Cheruthoni dam due to increase in water level.

Water release from Keralas Cheruthoni dam to increase 6-fold low lying areas on high alert
news Kerala Rains Friday, August 10, 2018 - 12:37

As heavy rains continue to lash Kerala, and in the event of opening all three shutters of Cheruthoni dam, KSEB Dam Station authorities have given permission to release excess water of 300 cumecs.

As the water level of Idukki dam has gone up to 2,401 feet, KSEB Dam Station had submitted a request to release excess water of 300 cumecs through the dam.

“Due to heavy rains in Idukki district, water levels in the reservoir has increased. In this circumstances, on 10 August 2018, 11.30 am onwards, shutters of Cheruthoni dam will be opened, and release 300 cumecs water. The KSEB station has given permission and ordered to do so,” it stated. 

Considering the consequences, people living in Cheruthoni town to low lying areas of Periyar have been put on high alert. Police, Revenue Department, Fire and Rescue teams have been asked to evacuate people living near Cheruthoni river and both sides of Periyar.

The order also says that various departments can seek help from disaster management forces.

In a press statement from the District Collector and Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority, Idukki, said, “Earlier, KSEB Dam Station authorities had released from 50 million cubic excess water on a trial basis through the shutters of Cheruthoni dam due to the increasing water level in Idukki dam.”

According to reports from the State Disaster Control Room, the death toll in Kerala due to the heavy rains rose to 26 on Friday afternoon. In a press conference on Thursday, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had called the rains “unprecedented” and “very alarming”, pinning the number of deaths at 20.