Composer Justin Varghese opted for a western orchestra and a foreign team produced the original background music from afar.

Collage of poster of Joji with all the family members together and of the orchestra composing the soundtrack showing two women with their cellos
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As Shyju Khalid's camera takes you through the vast green expanses of Erumeli and captures a sprinting Fahadh Faasil on a narrow road, midway, you hear a beautiful piece of music seep into the screen. A western orchestra right in the middle of this very Malayali surrounding in Joji is somehow most fitting. A video of the work that went behind the composition has now been shared by Bhavana Studios, the producers of the film.

Watch: Session Orchestra: Joji Original Soundtrack

Director Dileesh Pothan has gone in a different direction, music-wise, for his third film. After teaming up with Bijibal, a maestro of melodious songs, for his first two movies, this time he has gone with Justin Varghese. Justin who is noted for his wonderful soundtracks in Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela and Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, has opted for a western orchestra and had a foreign team producing the original background music (BGM) in Bulgaria.

In the video, you watch Justin and Vysakh Bejoy, who arranged the session, sit together remotely, watching a screen, as a team comprising ten artistes are led by Georgi Elenkov PhD, who conducts the show.

Violin, cello and an array of string instruments partly in solo and in group produce this marvellous piece, sometimes accompanied by Justin's keyboard.

Musicians Boris Radilov, George Strezov, Georgi Elenkov, Ognyan Georgiev, Rossitza Kazakova, Delyan Kolev, Tsvetan Topalov, Deyan Velikov, Velislava, Georgieva form the orchestra team.

In the film, the music accompanies Joji’s (Fahadh Faasil) confused thoughts and you take a moment to listen to it. It might sound more suited for the stage but in the otherwise noiseless surroundings of Joji’s family home, tucked away from city sounds, the music is a welcome distraction.

The film, a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, released on Amazon Prime on April 7. Syam Pushkaran wrote the script that received a lot of praise. Some criticised Joji’s unacknowledged inspiration from KG George’s Irul but the performances of the actors – Fahadh, Baburaj and Unnimaya among them – have been received warmly.  

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