The boars entered the house of Mohanan, who lives in a hillside panchayat.

Two wild boars inside a bedroom
news Controversy Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 07:51

Two black wild boars are seen jumping inside a bedroom in a house. The boars, which have entered a room of the house, leap on to the single cot which is covered with a blue bedspread and pillows, and then jump around some more. 

This bizarre break-in occurred at Koorachundu, a hillside village in Kerala’s Kozhikode district, which frequently reports wild boar menace. The animals entered the house of Mohanan, who lives in the panchayat with his family. On seeing the animals in the house, the family locked the room in which the boars were found and ran out of the house. Members of the family included children and an elderly man. All of them have escaped unhurt.

After Friday’s infirmity, residents as well as Panchayat members contacted the local police and forest department, demanding a permanent solution to the wild boar 'menace', which they see is frequently reported in the area. Officers of the Koorachundu police force as well as the Peruvannamuzhi forest range in Kozhikode were informed of the boars breaking-in. They they arrived with tranquilliser shots in order to sedate the animals and release them back into the forest. However, protesting residents demanded that the boars should be killed and that they would allowed officials to tranquillise them, only if they promised to kill them.

“This is a frequent issue in our village. Earlier, two women were attacked by these wild boars. In Mohanan’s case, he is lucky that he escaped with the family unscathed. But th residents here want the pigs to be killed ore removed and are protesting for the same,” a resident of the Panchayat told TNM.

However, officers cited legal hurdles to cull the animals, and said that instead they would be tranquillised and released into the forest However, residents were not willing to listen.

By around 1 pm on Friday, both the boars were tranquillised and later shot dead. “Forest officials allow for culling of these animals, in case of human-animal conflicts where a wild boar menace has been reported in a human settlement. This is how several wild boars in Mukkom area in Kozhikode have been culled,” a source informed of the developments tell TNM.

Wild boars, Nilgai and Rheus Monkey, etc are animals placed under Schedule 3 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1973. Under the law, the forest department only allows them to be hunted down in extreme specific cases.

Snaring wild boars, for example, is an offence considered equivalent to hunting under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and regardless of whether an animal was trapped/injured or dead, placing a snare in an attempt to trap animals is an offence under the law.

Watch video of the break-in here: 

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