Watch: Tovino's ‘Kilometers & Kilometers’ teaser promises a fun film

The teaser has the actor making references to Mammootty's 1993 film 'Valsalyam'.
Watch: Tovino's ‘Kilometers & Kilometers’ teaser promises a fun film
Watch: Tovino's ‘Kilometers & Kilometers’ teaser promises a fun film
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In a beach somewhere in Kerala, a Malayali man is engaged in a conversation with a white woman. He tries to tell her about the value of relationships. "Have you watched Valsalyam - Mammootty (the film)?" the man asks. The woman says no and he replies in Malayalam that that's why she does not know the value of relationships.

The single conversation, aided with the sound of waves, becomes the teaser of Kilometers & Kilometers, a new film directed by Jeo Baby, the man who directed the adorable film Kunju Daivam with a little boy in the lead.

Kilometers & Kilometers has Tovino Thomas in the lead. Tovino is explaining to the foreigner in the beach that in every house in India, there is a 'Valsalyam Mammootty'.

Valsalyam is a 1993 movie, directed by Cochin Haneefa, in which Mammootty played the all-sacrificing eldest brother of the family, a theme common in '90s Malayalam cinema.

Jeo Baby has also written Kilometers & Kilometers. And Tovino is also one of the producers of the film. The other producers are Ramshi Ahamed, Anto Joseph and Sindu Sidharth. Sinu is also the cinematographer of the film. Music comes from Sooraj S Kurup and the background score is by Sushin Shyam.

In Kunju Daivam, Jeo Baby put a child (Adish Praveen) at the centre of the story. Adish playing Ousepachan is shaken when he sees that his prayers are answered by God. In all his innocence, he prays that he becomes taller, and also that his Math teacher has an accident and another time, he prays that someone would die so he would not have to write his Math test. When it turns out that his grandfather dies, Ousepachan is ridden with guilt and decides to help someone else from death, not just by prayers but also his actions.


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