His YouTube channel Village Food Factory was started by his son.

Watch This TN man is rocking YouTube with his rustic cooking skills Screenshot; Village food factory/YouTube
Social Food Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 19:19

Forget those cooking shows, where the kitchen is equipped with every imaginable gadget and utensil.  Arumugam, a non-descript elderly man from Tiruppur near Coimbatore has become a YouTube sensation, by preparing and cooking simple non-vegetarian fare, under an open sky, surrounded by nature.  

Take for instance, his “egg gravy” video, which went viral, clocking 3 million views on YouTube. With over 300 eggs on the red sand, Arumugam takes the viewer on his cooking journey, beginning with placing a giant steel pot on a natural stove to finally sitting down and eating his egg curry with rice on a banana leaf. 

The vidoes give importance to traditional forms of cooking using brick stoves and using firewood. 

In another video, the elderly man cleans crab, then cooks and serves himself the dish. But the beauty of the video is in its setting, as Arumugam prepares the meal, with the waterfall in distance. 

Village Food Factory, his YouTube channel started by his son, has over 40 videos and 75,000 subscribers.

His videos, however, may not be for fainthearted. There are a few videos that some may find unpalatable.

In a video that seems to be a favorite with viewers, he can be seen cooking a stingray fish wrapped in banana leaf.

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