Watch: TN CM's veshti-workout goes viral on social media

EPS also played badminton in a veshti to show off his sports skills.
Watch: TN CM's veshti-workout goes viral on social media
Watch: TN CM's veshti-workout goes viral on social media
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The white veshti has been synonymous with Tamil Nadu politicians for decades now. But CM Edappadi Palaniswami or EPS as he's known, appears to be on a mission to prove just how versatile a dress the veshti can be.

Even as the monsoon season in Tamil Nadu is making it increasingly harder to get out of the cosy comfort of our beds, EPS hit the ground running with his exercise, and just in time for the cameras, too.

The TN CM worked out a storm, what with his badminton games and straight up pull downs at the gym.

In the first of two videos that have gone viral in the state, the Chief Minister is seen playing badminton at a newly inaugurated park in his home district of Salem on Thursday.

Reportedly his favourite sport, the Chief Minister is seen serving the green shuttlecock to his partymen, even as his security personnel scurry to pick up it up after each serve. But, with the Chief Minister serving out of the line, even the mediapersons who were there to document the photo-op ended up picking up the shuttlecocks!

On Friday though, the CM topped his workout regimen with a quick visit to a state sports facility, where he sat on the machine fly. The Chief Minister, who was beaming like a model who's reached his BMI goals in a gym advertisement, managed to do 10 reps of the fly.

Immediately switching to the lat pull downs, EPS was handed the bar by an officer on his security detail. The Chief Minister can be seen struggling to pull the bar all the way down at the gym, but managed to do four reps.

The Chief Minister is also spotted listening intently to the instructors before embarking on the arduous task.

Giving professional models - whose salads always seem to tell them hilarious jokes - a run for their money, EPS was all smiles when he got up victoriously from the machines and walked away.

With just nine months to go for the Lok Sabha elections in the country next year, it appears that the Chief Minister is planning ahead for what is likely to be a tough fight.

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