The film features Mala Parvathi, Mareena Michael and Adil Ibrahim among others in the lead.

All the main characters of the movie are seen in the teaser of Cheraatukal.
Flix Mollywood Saturday, June 05, 2021 - 17:31

After the release of Malayalam movie Aanum Pennum, Mollywood is gearing up for the release of another anthology project, Cheraathukal. The movie is a collection of six stories directed by six filmmakers. All of them— Shanoob Karivath, Sreejith Chandran, Fawaz Muhamed, Anu Kurisinkal, Jayesh Mohan and Shajan S Kallai— are making their debut with this movie. 

Cheraathukal is produced by Dr Mathew Mampra under the banner of Mampra Foundation. It features actors Mala Parvathi, Mareena Michael, and Adil Ibrahim in the lead roles. The cast also includes actors Babu Annoor,Parvathy Arun,Devaki Rajendran,Shivaji Guruvayoor,Manohari Joy,Mathew Mampra,Maria Prince and Ashwin Jose, among others in other prominent roles. The teaser features glimpses from all six short films. Although we are introduced to the lead characters, the teaser does not reveal details about the plot. The video opens with ominous folk beats that intensify as the teaser progresses and paces up towards the end, setting the tone for a thriller.  

Interestingly, the film also has music by six composers, with Shefin Mayan on board as the sound designer. Singers Vidhu Prathap, Ishan Dev, Thaha Kolpad and Nithya Mammen too have been roped in to render their voices for the soundtrack. Cheraathukal was shot during the coronavirus pandemic with a crew of over 100 technicians.  

Watch the teaser of Cheraathukal here:

Speaking about the movie to The New Indian Express, team Cheraathukal mentioned that the story deals with six emotions.“Mareena Michael plays a bold and bubbly home nurse with a modern outlook; Adil, as an unemployed engineer who finds bliss through entrepreneurship, while Maala plays a strong-minded Christian nun,” the makers said. 

Many Mollywood anthologies have been released in recent times. The latest, Aanum Pennum, hit the big screens on March 26 this year. Aanum Pennum stars Parvathy, Darshana Rajendran and Samyuktha Menon in the lead, with Asif Ali, Roshan Mathew and Joju George starring opposite them.