Watch: Standup comedian's accurate imitation of Ilaiyarajaa and AR Rahman fans

"Do you know who Ilaiyaraaja is?" vs "Listen to AR Rahman song 9000 times and you WILL like it."
Watch: Standup comedian's accurate imitation of Ilaiyarajaa and AR Rahman fans
Watch: Standup comedian's accurate imitation of Ilaiyarajaa and AR Rahman fans
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If you've ever lived in Tamil Nadu, you would know that the biggest battles in the state are not about the two political parties, the DMK and the AIADMK, but are to do with the cinema industry. On social media, at any rate.

By now, Ajith and Vijay fans have created enough noise for the rest of the country to know of their respective armies and the lengths to which they can go. But there's yet another war and that's the one between Ilaiyaraaja and AR Rahman fans.

Standup comedian Jagan Krishnan hilariously captures this "fight" in his recent routine.

Speaking mostly in Tamil, Jagan starts off by saying that while he doesn't have much to say about Ilaiyaraaja, he's scared of the composer's fans.

"Not even all the fans. There's a subset of them who are veriyargal (rabid). For them, the sun rises because of Ilaiyaraaja," he says. J

agan then goes on to do an imitation of the fans who ask, "Do you know who Ilaiyaraaja is?!" to the naysayers.

What REALLY ticks them off is if you sing a Gangai Amaran song like Neelavana Cholayil - after all, as Ilaiyaraaja fans will remind you, Gangai Amaran is the former's younger brother and it's because he comes from the same "gene pool" that you can enjoy his music.

Jagan takes a dig at AR Rahman fans by saying they're like cows and then hastening to add that perhaps we shouldn't say cows.

"Let's say they are harmless/innocent beings. They are like that because they've been listening to a Rahman song 9000 times on loop. It's a duty for Rahman fans to like that song," he says.

Jagan then does a pretty accurate imitation of AR Rahman fans and their reactions to his music.

"They released a teaser for Kaatru Veliyidai. It had only one and a half words. They didn't do anything else. Vaan Varuvaan Varuvaan Varuvaan...the teaser gets over with that. But Rahman fans went Oh MY GOD, GOOSEBUMPS! MY GOOSE IS BUMPING!"

Jagan also goes on to talk about how Rahman fans try to convince someone who doesn't like a song. They "educate" the person on how to listen to it. No, you can't just listen to it on the computer. You have to go to ECR, on a bike, at 89km/hr at five in the evening, when it is raining, take off your helmet, look at the sky...

"...And you will die," Jagan says. "I can't sacrifice my life to like a song."


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