In the video, one can see the injured bird which had come to Sachin's balcony and how the cricketer helped it.

Watch Sachin Tendulkar helps injured kite bats for kindness to birds and animalsScreenshot
news Animals Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 12:57

“Do your bit!” is what cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar titled a video he posted on his Facebook page on June 7. The message of the video is simple – be kind, do what you must to be good to other living creatures.

The video begins with Sachin telling the viewers about a bird which was attacked by crows and had taken refuge in his balcony. We learn later than it is a kite which was also suffering from dehydration.

The scared bird did not touch the water that Sachin left out in the balcony for it. So, he tiptoes into the balcony with a bowl of chicken and bread, hoping that the kite would eat at least a piece.

As he throws some chicken towards the kite, the injured bird cautiously inches closer and eats the strip of meat. Sachin signals with a ‘thumbs up’ to the camera.

In the evening, Sachin introduces us to Santosh and Chaitanya from the NGO Sarrp (Spreading Awareness on Reptiles and Rehabilitation Programme) who have come to his house to rescue the kite. One of them then easily picks up the injured bird from the balcony. The rescuer reveals that it is a juvenile black kite, which is also dehydrated. He adds that the kite would take about 5-10 days to recover.

“I thought it would be very difficult [to rescue the kite], but it took only five seconds,” Sachin says. He adds that if people see animals or birds who are injured, they should call for help. “It is extremely satisfying, believe me. I am sure you will do it,” Sachin says.

Sachin then follows up with Sarrp, and we see that the kite has taken only three days to recover. In a euphoric moment, the rescuers then set the kite free as it takes flight into the sky.

 “My message is this – it is very hot now because of global warming… If people can just keep some water in a vessel in their balconies for them (the birds), it would help them a lot. I hope that you will do this,” Sachin tells the viewers.  

Watch the video here:

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