Father Merton D Silva, a priest at a church in Vypin, Kochi, can be seen right at the centre of the action.

Watch This Kerala priest joined a flash mob and his dance moves will floor you
Social Video Tuesday, July 04, 2017 - 18:04

A few months ago, a video of a Kerala priest performing some impromptu moves with another man on a Michael Jackson song went viral. The priest, in the quintessential white robe, gives the young man dancing with him some serious competition for energy and rhythm. 

We're wondering now if it's becoming some kind of a trend, for a few days ago, a Facebook user by the name of Shine Antony, posted a video of another priest in Kochi grooving with youngsters as part of a flash mob. 

Father Merton D Silva, a priest at Edavanakad Church in Vypin, Kochi, can be seen right at the centre of the action. 

Watch the video here:

Father Merton really looks like he knows how to shake a leg! And with that verve and vivacity, it seems like he has the moves to double up as a real dancer too.

That's him, according to a photo posted in one of the comments on the video:


Many seemed to be appreciative of the priest's dancing skills - the video, which was posted on June 27 has over 2 lakh views and almost 4,000 shares. 

And not to be pre-emptive, but looks like Kerala priests are on a roll with their flair for dancing. You may want to keep a lookout for the next internet sensation! 

You can watch the other priest's video here.