Features Friday, May 08, 2015 - 05:30
With over a million subscribers to their YouTube channel EvanTubeHD, nine-year-old Evan along with his mother and younger sister have won many hearts by frequently posting videos where they review toys and video games. Though we do not know much about Evan, we do know that his father, Jared, is responsible for shooting and producing all the videos. A dedicated sales team has ensured that most of the revenue is generated from the ads that are placed in the video itself. The videos reportedly generate more than a million dollars in a year and all the proceeds go into Evan’s college fund.  What initially started out as a fun project now gets an average of 50 million views for most videos. This is some serious fun-oriented business. Watch Evan making his millions here:   Video of qEbNkatQ1E4   Video of BHKTX1wi9HI