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The News Minute| November 25, 2014| 18.21 pm IST For Anais Bordier, it was an ordinary college student life in London. But one day, while watching a Youtube video, her friend noticed something that startled him. He saw someone who was an exact replica of Anais! Excited, he immediately told her about it and Anais began stalking her look alike – Sam Futerman. Some more stalking on Facebook and watching all her Youtube videos followed. She discovered that Sam was adopted like her; they both were born on the same day in the same city. It did not take her much time add up the figures – they were identical twin sisters. And soon, she couldn’t help but write to Sam on Facebook. The story seems to be appearing straight from a Hollywood movie with a fairytale ending. Recalling in an interview with CNN, “It was our first Skype call and I was very nervous and Sam was late,” she laughs. Sam finally comes online, her first reaction to Anias’ first words are, “Oh my God, you are European!” Watch this adorable video of the twin sisters sharing their delight at discovering each other. (Interview by CNN and video uploaded by News of the World)