The video by the Viva team has gone viral on social media.

Watch This hilarious sketch nails how students prepare for exams
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The Viva team, which shot to fame with the popular Telugu comedy short film with the same title, are back, this time with their take on how students prepare for exams.

The video, which has gone viral on social media and is trending on YouTube, is part of a series that the YouTube channel is doing on examinations as a whole.

YouTube star ‘Viva’ Harsha plays the role of the teacher in this comedy sketch, who is irked by the answer papers submitted by his students, and announces that there will be a fresh exam the next morning.

The video then shows the different type of students and the way they prepare (or don’t) for the examinations.

While two students attempt to study sincerely and write the exam after working hard, they soon succumb to making ‘chits’ and ‘slips’, to copy.            

Another student keeps procrastinating his preparation, first due to cricketer Virat Kohli’s batting on television, and later passing time on his phone.

One student goes straight to the photocopy shop, and asks for ‘micro-xerox’ to make it easy to copy. When questioned by the shopkeeper, he claims that he needed it for project work.

Another student even goes to the extent of soldering his spectacles, so he can see the answer sheets of other people.

Needless to say, all of them fail to study anything at night, and begin preparation at 6am on the day of the exam.

Finally, knowing well that only a God can save them, all the students say their prayers, make promises to God and leave for the examination hall.

Watch the video for the final twist in the end.

Last month, the team had released a new comedy short film titled Modern Swayamvaram – a contemporary comic rendition of the epic Rama-Sita Swayamvaram from Ramayana, with a twist.

The film which goes on the lines of what if the Swayamvaram happened in present day India, takes a dig at 21st century problems, and of course the most important problems of India – the Aadhaar card and GST.


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