The film is a modern-comic rendition of the mythological Swayamvaram event from the Ramayana.

Video This Modern Swayamvaram with a twist is sure to crack you up
Social Social Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 15:13

YouTube star ‘Viva’ Harsha of Viva fame (a popular Telugu comedy short film) has come up with his new comedy short film Modern Swayamvaram – a contemporary comic rendition of the epic Rama-Sita Swayamvaram from Ramayana, with a twist.

In fact, in this version, the English-speaking kings are actually not contesting to win the competition to marry Sita.

The challenge is not to lift the bow like in Ramayana, but to test the character of the kings.

In this modern tale, Raavana, played by Harsha, comes all the way from Sri Lanka after several hassles due to the Immigration authorities.

When a fellow contestant asks Raavana, “It seems it took three days for you to come to India,” Raavana replies, “After my passport expired, the Indian immigration authorities irked me. Finally, I had it resolved after calling the local MP.”

The film which goes on the lines of what if the Swayamvaram happened in present day India, takes a dig at 21st century problems, and of course the most important problems of India – the Aadhaar card and GST.

Lalitha jewellers owner Kiran Kumar Jain, whose face is seen on almost every billboard in the city, also finds a mention in the video, when a king asks, “Where do you buy jewellery in your kingdom?”

The title card of the 12-minute video is sure to remind you of the classical mythological Telugu films like Daana Veera Sura Karna, Srikrishna Pandaveeyam, Lavakusa and many others.

Not just the title card, the yesteryear visual effects like floods, volcanos, and other calamities to signify a shocking event will make you nostalgic about the classical films.

Internet sensation ‘Darling’ Das, who was last seen along with Harsha in ‘Drink and Drive’ is sure to crack you up.

The video has already 1.5 million views.

The ensemble cast also includes Sunny, Hanmukha, Alekhya and others.


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