This is not your usual saccharine Mother's Day video.

Watch This fun video on mother-daughter relationship is as real as it getsScreenshot/ Youtube
Social Relationships Monday, May 15, 2017 - 18:01

Moving away from the usual saccharine videos that flood the Internet on Mother's Day, Blush channel has come up with an interesting take on the mother-daughter relationship. 

Featuring Lillete and Ira Dubey, the video shows how mothers and daughters think of each other. The mother isn't always the all-knowing, self-assured person in the eyes of the daughter and the daughter isn't quite the sophisticated young woman to the mom either. 

The video relies more on showing than telling, so the third character who appears in the narrative can be a bit difficult to comprehend but watch once again and it all falls in place. You'll also realise why the daughter seems like a kid in some scenes and adult in others.  Some viewers, however, feel the video is too confusing and the director should have done a better job of executing the story.

The narrative begins with the daughter coming home late night. A tired mother confronts her, asking where she'd been and how she got home. The daughter claims that she came home by cab since she'd been out drinking but though the mother listens to her without a change in expression, she knows that she's lying. 

But then, it's not only the daughter who leads a dramatic life, it's the mom too and her emotions seem just as exaggerated to the daughter. As they annoy each other with their habits and eccentricities, you can't help but smile at how routine yet special the relationship is. 


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