Watch: Comedian Danish Sait takes customer calls in empty govt office, it's howlarious

No, this is not a sketch. This actually happened.
Watch: Comedian Danish Sait takes customer calls in empty govt office, it's howlarious
Watch: Comedian Danish Sait takes customer calls in empty govt office, it's howlarious
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If you’ve dealt with government offices, unanswered phone calls and apathetic responses are not new to you. But for comedian turned actor Danish Sait, this went to a whole new level when he went to the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd (BESCOM) office. In a rather amusing Facebook live, the Humble Politician Nograj actor ended up taking calls for the government office!

The phone in the background rings, almost ironically, as Danish shows us that the office is completely empty but for him. There are five or six people waiting outside the office, including an army man. “None of us know what to do,” Danish says in Kannada.

He then calls the army man and another person inside, and they too see that no one is there in the office.

At this point, the phone starts to ring again and Danish decides to pick it up. He tells the caller that there is no one in office. “We have also come to the BESCOM office. Nobody is there. I just picked up the call and am talking to you,” he says. He then invites the caller to also come and join them in the office, as no one is there. “It’s a government office, no one is there,” he chuckles.

A comical scene unfolds as more people waiting outside come into the premises and start looking around in amusement. One of them even opens the complaint register and scans through it as one person says in the background, “There’s no use in registering a complaint.”

“Very interesting place,” Danish remarks as he steps out of the office. He adds, “If you’re from BESCOM and are watching this video, please man, have some mercy.”

Danish then pans to the road outside and says that there’s no electricity, and they’re at the BESCOM office.

At this point, the phone rings once again, and Danish, much to the amusement of others who had also come to the office, decides to pick up the phone once again. The caller on the other end is apparently complaining about a power cut in Frazer town. Danish once again tells the caller that they had also come to complain, but there was no one in office. “You also come here, I’m also a citizen like you,” he says. “If you come, we can at least put some pressure [on BESCOM].”

Danish barely walked away from the phone, when the phone rang again, and he picked up three more calls, back to back. And he gets more into character with every call, and says, “Welcome to BESCOM.” He says to one caller, “We are in a one bedroom apartment, just doing time pass. No one is there. You also come here.” Another asks him why they have removed the current and Danish replies saying, “Ma’am I’ve been removed from my house.”

Danish and the others exit the office as the phone rings once more.

Watch the full video here:

Danish Sait live from BESCOM office


Posted by Kannada world on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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