If you’re a biker who believes modifying bikes to make them ridiculously loud is cool, this is your worst nightmare.

Watch Bengaluru cops rip loud silencers from bikes crush them with road roller
news Civic Issues Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 16:07

Have you ever wanted to hunt down the bikers who zip through Bengaluru with the loudest silencers and take a thrill in scaring pedestrians? Do you then want to rip that silencer off the bike, and in a scene straight out of a cartoon, beat it on the ground till it disintegrates into nothing but dust and nuts?

Well, the traffic police in Bengaluru have done the next best thing. Instead of destroying these modified silencers with their bare hands, they’ve decided to crush them with road rollers.

Yes, we’re wow-ing as hard as you are. Unless of course, you’re a 17-year-old boy in your head, who believes being a nuisance to all road users – especially pedestrians – is cool.

On Monday, the Adugodi Traffic Police gathered around 100 silencers of Royal Enfield motorcycles, laid them out on a road and crushed the noisy silencers with a road roller, while the owners of said bikes watched. 

The action was part of the Bengaluru traffic police’s drive to create awareness about the consequences of tampering with a motorcycle’s silencer. On Monday, they started a drive where Royal Enfield bikes with modified silencers or exhausts are being stopped. The police are checking the vehicles to see if the exhausts have been tampered with.

“We felt that violators will not resort to the same mistake if we take stringent action. Besides, crushing the silencers will avoid resale of these illegal silencers,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police, East Division, Siddalingappa.

“If you fine a person, they will pay the money but there is no guarantee that they will not repeat the offence. That’s why we crushed the silencers,” Siddalingappa told TNM.

In some areas, the police got the riders of these noisy motorcycles to crush their own silencers with large stones.

“This way, they will know how serious this offence is – especially when they have to crush a part of their own vehicle,” he added.

If you are a repeat offender, the consequences are even more dire. The police will not only rip out the noisy exhaust, but will also confiscate your precious Royal Enfield bike. Currently, the confiscated motorcycles have been parked at a ground near the Adugodi Traffic Police Station

Siddalingappa says that this year alone, the Bengaluru Police have confiscated and destroyed over 5,000 exhausts of motorcycles.

“The Adugodi Police chose to crush the silencers in full public view. The Cubbon Park Police have decided to put the silencers to use. They are to make barricades, which are used for  traffic diversion drives. Usually, we can see either yellow or orange blocks on the road, which are meant for diversions. Now the Cubbon Park Police are recycling the waste silencers to make barricades,” he added.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, if a vehicle's silencer emits over 80 decibels it is considered to be causing noise pollution.

Tampering with silencers is a violation of the MV Act’s sections 119 and 120, and invites a penalty of Rs 1,000 for the first offence and Rs 2,000 for repeat offences.


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