Was Danam Nagender's move to defy the Telangana Congress a tactic for a better bargain?

Defying the party’s stance, Nagender attended an event hosted by Governor ESL Narasimhan.
Was Danam Nagender's move to defy the Telangana Congress a tactic for a better bargain?
Was Danam Nagender's move to defy the Telangana Congress a tactic for a better bargain?

Telangana Congress leader and the party’s Hyderabad strongman Danam Nagender on Friday defied his own party, giving rise to speculations that he was shifting loyalties to the incumbent Telangana Rashtra Samithi. However, is it just a tactic he deployed to get a better bargain from the party?

The Telangana Congress boycotted Governor ESL Narasimhan’s ‘At Home’, a lunch he hosted on Republic Day, as they alleged that Narasimhan was biased towards the TRS. However, Nagender and Rapolu Ananda Bhaskar, another Congress leader, attended the event, giving rise to speculations that he might quit the party and join TRS.

However, when TNM spoke to Nagender, he denied the speculations and said he would continue with the Congress.

“The news reports are false. I went to the event because of my friendship with the Governor,” he said.

The speculations might not hold water because it is doubtful if the TRS will be able to accommodate Nagender as he’s not just an MLA, but a former cabinet minister with a stronghold in Hyderabad.

Nagender is also reportedly a part of a seven-member committee as a BC representative, who will steer the Telangana Congress in the forthcoming elections.

The party is presently helmed by Uttam Kumar Reddy, and many aren’t pleased with it. Uttam is facing stiff opposition from the Komatireddy brothers (Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy).

Under Uttam, it is doubtful that Nagender will be elevated.

Senior political journalists are of the opinion that Nagender might have made this overture to send a veiled message about the crossover so that the party can pacify and retain him.

There have been numerous reports ever since the TRS government formed that Nagender would be quitting the Congress to join the TRS. The former Khairatabad MLA continued with the Telangana Congress.

However, one can never be sure of what might happen in politics, says senior journalist TS Sudhir.

He observes that there will be a lot of churning in Telangana politics before the elections.

“People from both the sides might switch over. Earlier Congress leaders might come back to the party and a few dissatisfied with Congress may join TRS,” Sudhir says.

Speaking about Nagender’s moves, he says, “In politics, many of these people might be throwing their names to be seen in the reckoning. By attending the Governor’s ‘At Home’, he is definitely sending a message that he is willing to defy.”


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