Want to perform better? Think about what’s under your sheets

Have you ever thought of how well you sleep?
Want to perform better? Think about what’s under your sheets
Want to perform better? Think about what’s under your sheets
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Are you happy with your performance at work?

No? We are sure you have looked up 16 Ways to Improve Work Performance and 10 Ideas to Impress Your Boss.

But have you ever thought of how well you sleep? And what you sleep on?

Rajesh has a really cool job, he is a pilot. The only problem is, he has no routine. The Chennai based pilot is aware that several lives are at risk if he is drowsy during flight.

“I try to get six hours of sleep regularly and eight hours at times if possible,” says Rajesh. Sometimes the need for ‘good sleep’ pushes him to spend the night in a separate room away from his wife and kids. Being tired on the job due to lack of sleep is something pilots like Rajesh cannot afford.

“Some people are used to sleeping less,” says Sunil Kini, an orthopedic surgeon from Bengaluru, “But if it goes beyond the person's threshold, it can be problematic. It affects our sense of concentration, slows you down a bit,” he says. And in the case of surgeons, it could be a question of the life of a patient.

We all know how important sleep is, and yet we don’t care for one crucial aspect of it – the mattress.

Sleep better, work better - Getting the mattress right

Riyaz Mohammad, an IT Manager in Chennai, finds it extremely tiring to stare at a computer screen for 10 hours a day. “Since we need to use our brain, we need proper sleep to apply our minds at work,” says Riyaz. And that’s why, he says, “When I bought a mattress, I put a lot of thought into it - including size and quality. I chose the exact kind of mattress which could give me good sleep.”

Be like Riyaz, think before you buy a mattress.

According to a study by Research Triangle International and Dr. Andy Krystal and Dr. Jack Edinger of Duke University, which evaluated more than 16,000 nights of sleep, even small differences in mattress support (soft, medium, firm) could impact quality of sleep and pain.

The study made it clear that mattresses matter.

Why you cannot choose the best mattress when you are awake

Dr. Robert Oexman explains. “The answer lies in what happens to our body while sleeping. We pass through different stages of sleep each night. One of those stages called "rapid eye movement" (REM) is the stage of sleep when our most vivid dreams take place. To prevent us from acting out our dreams, we lose skeletal muscle tone. The skeletal muscles that support our back relax and we lose spinal support. So, a mattress that felt supportive while you were awake with the muscles active may perform differently when you are in REM sleep.”

Duroflex doesn’t sell you mattresses, we provide you with quality sleep. We passionately strive and develop products put together by our team of dedicated engineers, designers and medical consultants striving to ensure that you have a therapeutic sleep experience night after night.

We call it sleep therapy.

With our Duropedic Range of mattresses, you can enjoy rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep better to live better.

This is a TNM Marquee marketing initiative in association with Duroflex

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