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A Porsche Carrera S near Kottayam or a gold Mercedes C63 AMG near Kozhikode, this Facebook page from Kerala has it all. Titled 'Exotics and Imports spotted in Kerala,' the page posts pictures sent in by various people who have spotted a super car anywhere in the state.

The page aims to bring bike and car enthusiasts together and is run by 18-year-old Nezmal from Cochin. "I started the page in late 2011 as I was passionate about exotic cars and wanted a platform for people to share their interests," he tells The News Minute.

Nezmal, whose page now has over 67,500 likes, makes it a point to post as frequently as possible. When asked how the page built up so quickly among the people, Nezmal says "The main reason that I guess the page clicked so easily was that people always want to know more about the exotics in god's own country. There are many car lovers out who did not know that Kerala had so many exotics and imports until the page came up."

Initially, Nezmal had a little trouble to get pictures, "but with the help of friends & family, I got a good start.Now, i get many people sending me photos daily.  People are very supportive and the page is for the people," he adds. Nezmal still can't make up his mind on his favourite car. "That's a tough question. Lets just say I have many favourites," he says.

Nezmal also doesn't plan to stop running the page anytime soon. "The page is definitely going to be up for a long time. As long as the people stay supportive like this, we'll do great." The Facebook page of 'Exotics and Imports spotted in Kerala,' can be found here.


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