Voting in Telangana? Here are steps for registration

Applications will be accepted 10 days before the last date for filing nominations.
Voting in Telangana? Here are steps for registration
Voting in Telangana? Here are steps for registration

Telangana goes to polls in a single phase on April 11. As a resident of the state, if you have not registered to vote or if you have found that your name is missing on the electoral rolls, then you have only three days left to apply. The last of submission of Form-6 (request for enrolment as voter) is March 15, 10 days before the candidates start filing nominations. Authorities will verify and scrutinize the applications by March 25.

How to register to vote?

  • Those who want to register to vote, change their address or look if their names are on the electoral roll, you can visit the National Voter Service Portal.   (Sometimes the website does not load. It is better to access it on a desktop rather than a cellphone. Please be patient.)
  • New voters must fill Form 6 in order to register themselves as voters. You will need a passport sized photo and proof of age and residence.
  • There may be cases, where people who are alive appear as deceased on the electoral roll. Age of person or spelling of name may be incorrect. To update or correct the details on the electoral roll, one must fill Form 8.
  • If you have relocated to a different location within the constituency, use Form 8A.
  • If you wish to delete your name from the voters’ list from any constituency and relocate to a new constituency, Form 6 must be filled along with Form 7. Form 6 is to register to vote in a new constituency and by filling Form 7, your name will be deleted from the voters’ list in the old constituency.  
  • You can also collect two copies of the above mentioned forms from the Electoral Registration Office, Assistant Electoral Office and Booth Level Offices located in your constituency. You will have to fill the form and submit hard copies of age and address proof to the said office itself.

What is an electoral roll?

An electoral roll is a list of names prepared by the Election Commission of India. This includes the names of all the people, aged 18 years and above, who have voter ID cards. Basically, all the people who will be able to vote for the upcoming elections.

If your already have a voter ID card, then ideally, your name should appear on the electoral roll. However, sometimes this is not the case – many people have realised only when they reach the polling booth that their name is not on the electoral roll, despite the fact that they have a voter ID. Hence, it is crucial to check if your name appears on the voter list ahead of the polls. You can check whether your name is on the electoral roll here (this website too may not load sometimes but it works). In case it does not load, you can log on to the National Voter Service Portal. On the left hand side of the home page, you can see a search bar where you can look for your name on the electoral roll.

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