Out of the 26 people identified to have some form of a kidney ailment, 8 were known to already be undergoing treatment for a kidney problem.

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news Health Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 19:20

A week after an investigation was conducted in Madhuthuru village of Visakhapatnam district following reports of a number of people being afflicted with kidney disease in the locality, officials have yet to pinpoint the cause, but seem to be confident that there is no epidemic plaguing the region.

A team of health officials and doctors had been sent to the ground to better determine whether the number of kidney ailments being seen was due to any epidemiological factor in the area.

Of 26 people identified to have some form of a kidney ailment, 8 were found to already be undergoing treatment for a kidney problem.

Speaking to TNM, a health official from Visakhapatnam district said, “The team found that 26 people are having some form of a kidney problem, but they also noticed that of these people around 16 or so of them, have long been suffering from hypertension and diabetes, for which they have not been getting regular check-up. This itself can contribute to the number of kidney related ailments.”

Often, conditions such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension can result in impaired kidney functions, especially when these ailments are neglected.

“Many of these people don’t get regular medical check-ups and that itself can be precipitating to any pre-existing conditions,” he added.

According to a report by TOI, the team sent to the locality also suggested that excessive intake of alcohol and lifestyle factors, such as taking painkillers regularly, could also be contributing to the problem.  

While samples of water had been collected and sent for chemical analysis, no cause has yet been determined and an official report is awaited.  

The health official TNM that though official reports have yet to be released, based off of the investigations conducted by the team of specialists in Madhuthuru, it does not seem likely that the area is plagued by an epidemic.

Earlier in the month, the death of 6 people in a village in Krishna district due to kidney disease left locals panic stricken as they feared an epidemic. This was later allayed by officials in the region.

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