Vintage is evergreen: Meet Hyderabad's car lovers

The oldest cars in the city
Vintage is evergreen: Meet Hyderabad's car lovers
Vintage is evergreen: Meet Hyderabad's car lovers
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While everyone buys the latest cars in the market, there are group of people in Hyderabad who've gone in the opposite direction - they look for vintage

The 47-year-old IT professional is the proud owner of two vintage cars 'Premier President 1972' & 'Premier Padmini Deluxe BE' which was gifted to him in 1983 when India won the first world cup. He also owns a ambassador of 1970 model.

 S.R Venkat Rao(52) loves his 'Vauxhall London' which was bought by his grandfather Dr. Bommana in 1948. Now 18-year-old Sriram Abhishek takes care of this vintage car. Venkat Rao is posing with his son Abhishekh.

80-year-old proud owner of 'Austin Of England 1951' loves to pose with his favorite car.

30-year-old Hyderabadi Sheikh Ahmad owns 5 vintage cars and he is posing with his favorite 'Austin Cambridge' here in the picture.

I own 4 vintage cars says 67-year-old Vincent George but my favorite is Willy's Jeep so I brought this today to the Vintage Car Rally at Lumbini Park. I always bring my jeep to this rally every year. The jeep is a 1950 model.

This 53-year-old  Ambassador was bought in 1962 by 55-year-old Arvind Nair.He loves it,takes it for a ride each day. 

My grandfather Satyanarayana bought this car in 1950 says 32-year-old Viswanath Singh .He is a proud owner of 'Morris Minor'.Posing with his father.

Ashok Karan is the single owner of this 'Morris Minor' which was bought by his great grandfather Madan Lal in 1948 from British showroom in Mumbai.

Anirudh Kumar secretary of Vintage Club Hyderabad bought this '1971 War Model' jeep in 1980 which is a rare model used by Indian Air Force. His daughters Anushka and Ayushka loves to go for long drives in this jeep. This was bought in a Airforce auction. They also had many adventurous trips in this jeep.

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