'Vikadakumaran' review: An average courtroom drama with too many coincidences

The film appears inspired by ‘Jolly LLB’ but falls short.
'Vikadakumaran' review: An average courtroom drama with too many coincidences
'Vikadakumaran' review: An average courtroom drama with too many coincidences
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Vishnu Unnikrishnan appears to harbour ambitions to become this generation’s Sreenivasan. The actor is aware that he’s not hero material when it comes to physical appearance (someone even quips that Dulquer Salmaan may look like him in his Aadhaar photo), and so when he plays the lead, it comes with the premise that he will be the underdog with self-effacing humour.

Vikadakumaran, directed by Boban Samuel, is about a small-time bumbling lawyer who lands a big case. In this Malayalam version of Jolly LLB, Vishnu plays Binu Advocate, a lawyer who cannot even say ‘alibi’ confidently. Dharmajan Bolgatty, his sidekick-friend-investigation partner, tags along, providing some laughs along the way. The plot revolves around two crimes and how Binu Advocate comes of age in his personal life as well in as the courtroom.

Is it breathtakingly original? Well, no. You know that when a hotshot Supreme Court lawyer argues against Binu Advocate, he’s only been included to be shown his place. As soon as a sister is introduced, you know she’s there only to add to Binu Advocate’s list of family problems (how amazing would it be if we had a sister character who knew karate for a change?). The pleasant looking Manasa Radhakrishnan as the heroine is there only to underscore the Sreenivasan-ness of Vishnu’s character.

Despite the predictable plot which moves from point A to point B without offering any surprise and the occasional slapstick humour, however (the sequence with the cheating wife was cringeworthy), the film manages to stay fairly engaging. You’re waiting to see how Binu Advocate will finally tie up all the loose ends. But this is where the film fails, falling back on coincidences and an unconvincing explanation for the climax.

Jinu Joseph as Roshi, the villain, is presented to us as an omniscient force. The man knows what’s happening outside even when he’s in a hostile police station. But after building him up to such an extent, his downfall seems all too convenient. You can’t help but feel cheated. On the other hand, Binu, who comes across as daft, suddenly develops a super brain. Perhaps there was a sequence in the film where some body-swapping happened and I completely missed it?

Vikadakumaran is strictly average. In other words, it’s the Aadhaar card photo of Jolly LLB.

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