Those arrested include five women and two men belonging to West Bengal, Mumbai and Gujarat.

Vijayawada police bust interstate narcotics gang arrest 7Image:VJA City Police
news Crime Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 12:57

In what is being touted as a big breakthrough, Vijayawada City Police have busted an interstate gang of seven who are allegedly peddling drugs like cocaine and heroin. The gang comprises five women and two men belonging to West Bengal, Mumbai and Gujarat. The operation was carried out by the Special Task Force of Ajith Singh Nagar in Vijayawada. 

Following a tip-off on the movement of drug peddlers in the city, the Task Force comprising of ACP Rajeev Kumar and Ajith Singh Nagar police Inspector Jaganmohan Rao carried out vehicle check in its limits. It was during the checks that the police stopped a Mahendra TUV vehicle which was suspiciously moving around. After questioning the three people, who were in the vehicle, they allegedly confessed their plan to sell the prohibited narcotics. Those nabbed also revealed information about their gang.

According to police, they had initially seized 4 grams of cocaine and 5 grams heroine, along with 5 mobiles from the car. The people who were arrested during the vehicle check were identified as Pallavi Ganesh Nikumbu (30), Omkar Purushottam of Mumbai and Reshma Staran (32) of West Bengal.

According to Dwaraka Tirumala Rao, Vijayawada Commissioner of Police, the three arrested then told police officials that four members of the gang were halting at Krishnaveni Pushkar ghat in Krishnalanka police in order to find potential drug users in the city.

Following this, police arrested the other four members from Setammapadalu of Krishnaveni ghat. They were identified as Shaik Mastan Ali (24), Sulenki Lekha alias Sonia Bhegum (30) of Gujarat and Rehama Beebi (34), Monia Sardar (33) belonging to West Bengal.

The Police Commissioner said that the gang had allegedly plotted to lure youths from rich families with drugs and then extort huge money. Calling it a major breakthrough, Rao claimed that the police successfully busted a drug peddling racket in the city.

A  total 4 grams cocaine , 10 grams heroine and as many as 10 mobiles were seized .

The police also alleged that the some of the accused manged to get Aadhaar cards and are operating across the states. Police have sent the seized drugs to the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), which tested the same at their labs and confirmed them to be heroin and cocaine.

However, police are yet to reveal who the users of such drugs are in the city. Vijayawada has in recent months seen frequent busts of ganja.

Police sources suggest that the call data of the accused are being probed to ascertain who the customers from Vijayawada are.

Officials also appealed citizens to pass on any information relating to drug peddlers on WhatsApp 73289089090.

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