Flix Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 05:30
A new parody video shows British Prime Minister David Cameron celebrating his victory at the May 7 general elections by doing a "Spider-Man strut" across the streets of New York. The video is based on the infamously corny scene from the "Spider-Man 3" movie, where Peter Parker enjoys the new found confidence given to him by an alien symbiote that's invaded his body. The video shows a superimposed image of Cameron on actor Tobey McGuire in the clip as he hits the New York City streets, strutting to a funky soundtrack, The Mirror reported on Thursday He brags to passersby about his meeting with the Queen, boasting that he's going to form a majority government, dancing as he goes. The clip was put together by Huw Parkinson, who said on his YouTube channel: "Having just claimed a majority government and after recently seeing Spider-Man 3, David Cameron decides he has only one thing left to do... Strut!" Parkinson's YouTube channel specialises in placing politicians in unusual pop-culture situations, including one where he put Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot alongside Sean Connery in "The Untouchables" movie. Video of v9aBoZNI_tY With IANS
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