He says it is an “amazing experience”, which, “none of you have seen before”

Video Rajiv Malhotra demonstrates magical Third Eye Awakening of Nityanandas disciples
Blog Divinity Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 11:49

Renowned Hindu academic and NRI businessman Rajiv Malhotra is visiting India, and on Monday and Tuesday he was at the holy city of Varanasi. Through a Facebook Live session, Malhotra demonstrated the “Third Eye Awakening” of disciples of popular godman Swami Nityananda.

Calling it an “amazing experience”, which, “none of you have seen before”, Malhotra (hilariously) demonstrates how child disciples who have undergone their third eye awakening can read words off a notepad even with their eyes blindfolded.

Explaining the ‘third eye power’, one of the deputies of Nityananda, also seen in the video, says that it is the bodily Shakti at work, as described in the agama shastras. The deputy says that in the shastras, Lord Shiva describes the manner in which one can experience 400 powers that help one understand that god exists in all of us. He explains that brain-activation occurs at the centre of one’s head, which puts one in a high state of intelligence, helping children perform better in academics and health. He adds that after brain activation, children have been cured of eye-sight problems. Truly divine and magical, isn’t it?

After this explanation, Malhotra goes on show the magical act. The deputy explains that the children’s ‘third eye’ helps them to see and read even without their two normal eyes.

At a later stage, one of the wonder kids also closes his eyes and diagnoses Rajiv Malhotra’s health problems, stating that he has high blood-sugar and a back problem, to which Malhotra responds positively and congratulates the awakened child for being correct. “I could have saved a lot of money from x-rays,” Malhotra jokes, adding seriously that this could be a diagnostic tool. If only the Modi government could bring this divine diagnostic tool under the AYUSH Ministry so thousands of poor can get cured without ever needing any access to modern heath care.

Responses to Malhotra’s video included intense criticism and mockery of the entire act, to which he responded, “Some folks cannot see a demo with a critical scientific eye. Turn it into some unrelated issue. Shows lack of IQ. This is not meant for them. Their understanding and curiosity of siddhis is fake or absent, and Hinduism is a joke to them.”

Enjoy the video here


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