Video: Kerala man falls off first floor after fainting, alert bystanders rescue him

Visuals of the incident show the man hanging off the balcony with a bystander, who managed to grab his leg, pull him back up to safety.
Collage of man fainting and falling and man in green shirt catching him
Collage of man fainting and falling and man in green shirt catching him
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Two men can be seen standing in a corridor on the first floor of the building, leaning against the wall. One of them is wearing a deep red shirt and white veshti. He has his hands crossed and is leaning on the ledge of the wall which comes up to his thigh. The other one, wearing a green shirt and Saffron veshti, is standing right next to him. Within seconds, the man in red appears to lean back and almost tumbles off the ledge. But the alert man standing next to him grabs on to his leg and stops him from falling off. Soon, many others, including a policeman, gather at the spot and pull the unconscious man back to safety.

This isn’t a clip from a movie, but a CCTV visual of a real-life rescue that took place in Kozhikode’s Vadakara this week.

The rescuer has been identified as 45-year-old Thayyil Mittal Baburaj whose presence of mind and reflex which helped prevent a death, has now earned laurels from people. The man he rescued was Binu alias Babu, who had reportedly fainted and went over the ledge from the first floor of the building. The duo was standing on the first-floor verandah of the Vadakara branch of the Kerala Bank, when the incident took place.

Watch CCTV footage of the incident

According to reports, there was a live wire running underneath the building and the fall from the could have been fatal for Babu. Besides, he would have also fallen head first.

Several onlookers arrived and helped Baburaj pull Babu up by the leg back to safety. The video of this daring rescue has now gone viral on social media. 

Babu and Baburaj are both employees of the Kerala Bank branch in Vadakara. The duo was waiting their turn to pay their Provident Fund when Babu fainted and fell over the ledge. 

Earlier, Babu was an employee of the ULCCS (Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society Ltd). Baburaj who rescued the man is a construction worker.

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