news Wednesday, May 27, 2015 - 05:30
File pic: Naga sadhus at the Gangasagar fair   At its two-day national advisory meeting in Haridwar, the VHP has called for a ban on adventure sports like river rafting in the river Ganga as it attracts youngsters who indulge in "illegal activities". TOI reports that the VHP alleged that young people of both sexes come to these rafting camps, "mingle, drink and indulge in objectionable activities on the banks of the holy river, where sadhus and sants gather to meditate". According to the report, at least 4 lakh adventure tourists visit Rishikesh every year., with at least 320 operators . Read the full report here.   Also read: Will the BJP and TRS please just form an alliance and end the suspense?
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