The advocate was recently arrested by the Gangaraju Madugula police in Visakhapatnam and charged under Section 108 Cr.PC.

Vakapalli gang rape Advocate fighting for victims framed by cops allege activists
news News Saturday, December 30, 2017 - 12:17


Civil rights activists have alleged that senior advocate Palla Trinadha Rao was framed by the police to undermine his efforts, since he has been fighting for justice of the Vakapalli rape survivors.

The advocate was recently arrested by the Gangaraju Madugula police in Visakhapatnam while he was travelling along with a journalist to Vakapalli.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, members of Human Rights Forum and other civil rights activists alleged that police planted a cover with photographs of those accused in Vakapalli rape incident in his car and seized his papers and mobile phone after arresting him under Section 108 Cr.PC.

The rape survivors had requested the appointment of the senior advocate as a special public prosecutor in the case and had moved the High court on the issue. 

VS Krishna from Human Rights Forum said, “This is appalling. This is nothing but a brazen and unlawful attempt by police to undermine the efforts by the victims to have him as the special PP (public prosecutor). We urge the senior police officials and the government to restrain police from such dirty tricks,” reported The New Indian Express.

He added. “This is a concocted, false case and is clearly a malicious attempt to intimidate and discredit Trinadha Rao.”

Recently, the rape survivors submitted a memo to the District Collector demanding their right to select the public prosecutor of their choice in the case.

In their petition to the Collector, the victims demanded the appointment of Trinadha Rao, advocate, from Rajahmundry as special public prosecutor, and Jaha Ara, advocate from Visakhapatnam as assistant public prosecutor.

A total of 11 Adivasi women were allegedly raped by 13 Greyhounds personnel at gunpoint when they went to raid the hamlet of Vakapalli. Out of the 11 rape survivors, two have died.

Earlier in September, the Supreme Court ordered a speedy trial of the case. A two-judge bench ruled that the Special Court in Visakhapatnam must be hear the case every day and conclude it within six months.