Karunanidhi had destroyed the letter, but he kept a copy of it, says Vaiko.

Vaiko releases secret letter LTTE Prabhakaran wrote to Karunanidhi on IPKF atrocitiesImage: tamilmakkalkural.blogspot.com
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Twenty-eight years ago, MDMK Chief Vai. Gopalsamy, or Vaiko, who was then a member of the DMK, travelled to LTTE-controlled parts of Northern Sri Lanka to meet the militant chief V Prabhakaran. He returned with a letter, addressed to then TN CM M Karunanidhi.

The letter, Vaiko has now told The Hindu, was given to him when he met Prabhakaran in the jungles of Sri Lanka. Vaiko handed over the letter to Karunanidhi, who then destroyed it, according to Vaiko. “But I kept a copy of the letter for 28 years and have released it now because the world should know its contents,” he told The Hindu.

In the letter, in which Prabhakaran addresses Karunanidhi as ‘Annan’, the militant leader brings to the DMK leader’s attention the atrocities committed by the Indian Peace Keeping Force dispatched by the Rajiv Gandhi government. There were widespread allegations of rape and murder by the Indian forces against Sri Lankan Tamils.

“It is our aim to fight the killing of our people by the aggressive Indian Army, which is making our country into a cemetery,” Prabhakaran wrote. The LTTE chief also praised Vaiko in the letter.

Here is a rough translation of the letter, and images of the letter below.


My highly respected and lovable elder brother,

Mr. Vai Gopalsamy met with me here and is returning to meet with you, so I am sending this letter through him. I thought you had been informed and gave permission for this meeting, but after meeting with him I learned he has come here without your knowledge. It was his love for Tamil that motivated him to make this journey.

I also understand this meeting will create some difficulties for you. However, the absurd position of the parliament leadership, which we trusted until now, has forsaken our people.

Mr. Vai Gopalsamy was elected as a member of Parliament from Tamil Nadu, and Parliament’s position of forsaking the people of Tamil Nadu has prompted him to take this risk of holding this meeting without regard for his own well-being.

I understand his passion about the Tamil language and I may die a thousand times for the love of my Tamil language and for the Tamil Eelam country.

As always, I respect your leadership for having these kinds of true party members. When he came here by sea, the Indian Army fired on him at Kandi. It was his passion for Tamil that led him to make this dangerous voyage and speak freely with me and my other commanders.

We are very pleased with your government in Tamil Nadu. Hereafter, Tamil feelings will be positive everywhere.

It is our aim to fight the killing of our people by the aggressive Indian Army, which is making our country a cemetery. We will win or we will happily die to accomplish this. It is time to bring this issue to the attention of Tamil Nadu and the Indian opposition parties.

You and your political organization are able to help us. You can bring to the attention of Tamil Nadu, information about the Indian occupiers and their betrayal of our people. Here we are preparing for the next big attack. I send back Brother Gopalsamy to Tamil Nadu with sadness to handle this dangerous situation and escape from this blockade. He will share with you the true situation here.


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