The brand unveiled the new tag line, ‘Bring Home A Better Tomorrow’ with the promise of delivering thoughtful products and experiences to its consumers.

V-Guard unveils new brand identity to focus on smart tech-driven products
Atom News Thursday, February 08, 2018 - 10:48

In an era of IoT-enabled and technology-driven products, V-Guard Industries Limited on Wednesday unveiled its new identity at a press conference in Bengaluru and announced its new vision for the brand. The new identity marks the evolution of the 40-year-old company into a new-generation, technology-driven smart organisation. 

V-Guard will now focus on creating thoughtful products that will impact the lives of its consumers in an intelligent way and the new brand identity and logo are a step in this direction. As part of the brand evolution, the company unveiled a new logo featuring sleek black and royal gold colours representing modernity and premium values. 

It has also transformed its key symbol, the kangaroo into a more agile, contemporary entity that embodies innovation and progressiveness. The brand also unveiled the new tag line, ‘Bring Home A Better Tomorrow’ with the promise of delivering thoughtful products and experiences to its consumers.

Commenting on the new journey, Mithun Chittilappilly, Managing Director, V-Guard Industries Ltd, said, “They say life begins at 40 and at V-Guard it certainly does.  And to live that, we have decided to re-invent ourselves completely. We are not just thinking up the next innovation. We are constantly seeking to understand human life and its relationship with tools and appliances. And then to evolve a seamless experience with thoughtfully engineered products in our quest to enriching consumer lives. We took a conscious call to go beyond not just being a trustworthy, reliable, honest brand but  to also evolve into a thoughtful, inspiring and dynamic trendsetter. The new identity reinforces the new age values that we would want to imbibe in our endeavour to create thoughtfully smart and technologically intuitive products for our discerning consumers.”

In line with the brand’s new vision of creating thoughtful products that will create meaningful experiences for consumers, V-Guard showcased its range of smart products like Intelligent Water Heaters, Smart Inverters and Smart Fans with LED light at the press conference.

The smart water heater named Verano can be switched on or off from anywhere without being physically present near the device. It is also equipped with an Intelligent Scheduler while the Temperature Alert sends notification to your connected smartphone on reaching the set temperature.

V-Guard also showcased its Smart Inverters. Using smart technology to drive a connected world, all you need to do is download the V-Guard Smart Inverter app and get going. It allows consumers to turn it on/off, know the Inverter battery usage and back up, control the performance levels of appliances you want to use, apart from enabling a super charge mode to ensure longer back up during emergency situations.      

V-Guard will also be launching its Smart Fans called Imagina this summer, which will come with LED lights in a million combinations that can suit your taste and mood. It is also equipped with a unique Breeze mode that promises to give a seashore-like experience. 

V-Guard was started by Kochouseph Chittilappilly back in 1977 and is today India’s largest selling voltage stabiliser brand.