UoH denies permission, but students to go ahead with Rohith Vemula death anniversary

Rohith’s mother called for support to enter the campus.
 UoH denies permission, but students to go ahead with Rohith Vemula death anniversary
UoH denies permission, but students to go ahead with Rohith Vemula death anniversary
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Even as students at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) plan to hold a largescale protest on January 17, commemorating the death anniversary of Rohith Vemula, the varsity has stated that it will not let them go ahead with their plans.

Speaking to TNM, Pro-VC Vipin Srivastava, said, "It is our prerogative as to who we can let inside the campus and who we can't. We will take a decision based on the law and order situation. If they refuse to comply, we also have a High Court order."

The Hyderabad High Court, in an interim order in April last year, directed the registrar and the police commissioner not to allow any political party or association to hold a meeting on the university premises. The ban has since extended to the media, and 'outsiders' too.

"We will try to control the situation as much as possible with our own campus security. However, if we are unable to do it, we will call for additional help," he said, when asked if the police would be deployed outside campus.

This comes a day after Radhika Vemula, Rohith's mother, released a video calling for support on Rohith's 'Shahadat Din' to enter the campus.

"Ever since Rohith's death, I have been taking part in several protests and meetings across the country for Dalit unity. Now, I am asking you all to come to Hyderabad on January 17, to join me at Rohith's stupa and pay our respects. Me and Raja (Rohith's brother) are not being allowed into the University since the last eight months. They have imprisoned Rohith's stupa. So, I request you all to come along and help me reach the stupa. It has been my desire for a long time now.  I am counting on you all. You will come, will you not? Jai Bheem," she said.

When asked about Radhika's statement, Vipin Srivastava said, "Officially, we have not received a request or granted permission for any such event."

However, the students remain determined in their demand.

"When VC Appa Rao's son can come inside the university legitimately and use facilities of the campus, no one is seen asking for permission. When the ABVP is allowed to organise programs and invite nonsensical guests to the campus, why can't the university allow Radhika Vemula, whose son was a student, and was institutionally murdered, into the campus?" Dontha Prashanth, one of the five students suspended with Vemula asked.

From 9am onwards on Tuesday, the students plan to garland various portraits of Vemula in all hostels on the campus.

At 2pm, they plan to take out a 'remembrance rally', following which they plan to occupy the 'velivada' on campus at around 3 30 pm.

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