Unprofessional people made 'Balloon' producer suffer losses: Director Sinish

The director has said that the people concerned should come forward to compensate the producer.
Unprofessional people made 'Balloon' producer suffer losses: Director Sinish
Unprofessional people made 'Balloon' producer suffer losses: Director Sinish
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Horror thriller Balloon released last Friday, December 29, amidst a lot of expectations. There have been reports that the film has been well received, bringing profits to its producers. But director Sinish Sreedharan has a different story tell.

On his Twitter page, he has lamented that the involvement of certain unprofessional people has brought losses to the filmmakers. Without naming who it is, Sinish had posted on Twitter, “BALLOON Hit.. Producers are happy and I’m also happy, but personally, i’m not in a position to celebrate this feeling. Somebody’s involvement has destroyed the project. Thanks to the delay caused by some unprofessional people in the industry, there was an increase in the budget which directly brought loss to the producer (sic).”

He then went on to add, “Be it the Director , Hero, Heroine, supporting cast, technicians or even the distributors or producers, whosoever is the reason for the loss, they are accountable to face the consequences. This is a place only for people who are ready to invest their hard work!” 

And he continued, “I don’t want such harmful events to be repeated. I respect my guts to stay honest and if this statement is going to ruin my carrier, I will happily endure it because, I know the pain of loosing money as an investor. I have proof for everything and I am ready to produce wen needed..so those concern ppl who is responsible for delay and loss hav to come forward and take d responsible and settle d loss to producer…thankz in advance (sic).”

It's yet to be revealed who the director means in his tweets.

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