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The News Minute | June 23, 2014 | 06:19 pm IST  All is not bleak in a world plagued by unemployment. Those in desperate need of a job, read further. Mechanics, drivers, tank commanders are preferred and shall be given priority. Organisation: Ukrainian separatists. Location: Foreign locales.   Don’t be alarmed. They are hiring! Or so says a report by vocativ.   Separatists in Ukraine are said to have got hold of some military tanks. That’s progression. However, they face a small glitch. They are in need of drivers to drive them to victory. The report states that the group is in dire need of tank drivers, and has put up advertisements with their requirements, calling out to mechanics and engineers and gunners. They also mentioned a phone number to contact them. Instances such as these restore our faith in development in the 21st century!  Vocativ wanted to dig further into the truth of the matter, and they didn't want to let go of their chance for such an exciting job. So, they called on the number, pretending to be an interested candidate. Several questions and some very interesting answers later, they got rejected, sadly. But the whole deal was worth it. Read: We Interviewed to Be a Tank Driver for the Separatists in Ukraine, to learn how not to be too inquisitive in a job interview. And also because it is simply cool. Journalists may avoid. The job may not be paying you, but who cares. Let’s be honest, it’s not like every day you get an opportunity to drive a tank. Армия ДНР проводит набор бойцов следующих войсковых специальностей: механик-водитель, наводчик, командир танка. pic.twitter.com/U0pdxxJuNl — Донецкая Республика (@dnrpress) June 20, 2014
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