'Vote for the man': Can Congress leader K Sudhakaran's ad be any more cringe worthy?

UDFs K Sudhakaran expresses medieval views again ad claims educating women a waste
news Elections 2019 Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 12:28

That Congress leader K Sudhakaran has scant respect for women is an indisputable fact. The earth goes around the sun, K Sudhakaran goes around making crass remarks about women. But his latest may just outdo his previous records. And we're speaking about a man who said the Kerala CM is "worse than a woman" and called the minor in the infamous Suryanelli trafficking case a "prostitute".

This time, the UDF candidate from Kannur has released a blatantly sexist campaign video, asking for votes. Watching it might make you feel that you've been transported a few centuries back, so let's remind you that we are indeed in the year 2019. Not only that, we're in the middle of an election where women have the right to vote and Sudhakaran has been posting pictures of himself with women voters on his Facebook page.

The video, made in a short film format, focuses on a daughter and son demanding their share of property from their father. As the father and his friend discuss the issue, the son walks into the frame complaining to the father that his sister has not managed to get things done. He then stomps off in anger. The father tells his friend that his daughter could not accomplish her task and that she was incapable of understanding the issue or communicating it effectively to the person concerned. He then says, “It was a waste educating her and making her a teacher!". The enthusiastic friend, who seems to share K Sudhakaran's views on women, suggests that the father should have sent the son instead. "He is a man. If he goes, he will only come back after achieving his goal," he claims.

The ad ends with the daughter smiling at this conversation. Well, clearly, women are stupid in Sudhakaran's universe, so that isn't surprising.

The ad is obviously a terrible attempt at satire, taking a dig at the LDF Kannur candidate and Kannur MP PK Sreemathi teacher. The disclaimer that there's no relationship between the characters in the video to any person dead or alive or anyone who has made speeches in parliament does little to distract attention from what the video is trying to say.

Thankfully, social media users have called out Sudhakaran's sexism after he posted the video on his Facebook page on Monday evening. It has been disliked over a thousand times, with several people objecting to the content.

Perhaps one should remind Sudhakaran that the country's first  and only woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, came from his party. The Congress was also led by Sonia Gandhi for several years. The next time Sudhakaran feels tempted to shoot his mouth off about women, he may want to use his "superior" male brain to remind himself of these facts.

Watch the video here: 

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