An 81-year-old man was left injured when BMRCL barricades had collapsed on the autorickshaw he was riding in.

The Bengaluru city police arrested two men on Friday after a senior citizen who was travelling in an autorickshaw was seriously injured on May 22 due to the construction of the city’s metro.

Sharath and Shivakumar, who work for URC Construction Private Limited, were in charge of overseeing part of the Namma Metro construction work, currently underway between JP Nagar and Central Silk Road. On May 22, BMRCL barricades which had been placed at the construction site collapsed on an autorickshaw in which an 81-year-old man was travelling, seriously injuring him.

The incident took place near the Silk Board flyover. 81-year-old Anand Rao, a retired BEML employee, was travelling in the auto when the barricades fell and crushed the vehicle leaving him seriously injured. His wife, Sowbaghya, who was also travelling with him, was also reported to be injured. She had sustained minor injuries, while Anand is currently admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after having been found to have multiple fractures, a head injury and a lung injury. His wife has filed a complaint with the Suddagunte Palya police.

According to reports, BMRCL officials stated that a crane at the work site had led to the barricade getting tipped over.

According to the police, the construction firm had given a portion of the contract to the Tarachand company, a company in charge of shuttering — the work that was taking place when the accident occurred. Shuttering is a term which is used to refer to the structural or foundation formwork which takes place in construction. The company was in charge of shuttering and had been working on the same when a sudden jerk from the crane hitting the barricades which then, in turn, damaged the auto rickshaw which was passing by.